hi i'm betsy and i'm a punk.

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I have these thoughts
So often I ought
To replace that slot
With what I once bought
‘Cause somebody stole
My car radio
And now I just sit in silence

Track: Drown
Artist: Tyler Joseph
Album: No Phun Intended


they say the ocean’s blue but its black right now



i did one of those cool color palette things for goner because i’ve always loved the colors in the video so much


this is really important + u can hear josh laugh in the background 


It was just from the first day that we hung out that it was like, “I want to play music with this guy. I want to be a part of what he wants to do, and I believe that everything he’s saying that matches up with what I believe can come true. It can happen.


i’ll put you on the map, i’ll cure you of disease



Track: Trees (cover)
Artist: Nicole


i know where you stand, silent, in the trees

Anonymous asked: you're my favorite blog, you seem like a really nice person as well as having a quality blog! thanks for being awesome :)

aaah thank u so much omg ur so sweet!!!! ah i’m rly glad you like my blog and think i’m nice aw wow ur lovely ily thank u for being awesome!!!! :*

Anonymous asked: what edit situation? sorry i had no idea aobut any of this

someone posted an edit of josh and they credited him and everything (even though i don’t even think it was his picture but he originally posted the picture w/ all the photographer info i think? so that’s why he was credited!) and he reblogged it and adding a comment that seemed rly unnecessarily aggressive about the whole situation and it just seemed like he was making a bigger deal out of the situation then he needed to. he should have just sent the person who made the edit an ask asking them to take it down rather than to reblog it and add a comment to it. idk i see why it’s a problem bc i’m sure some photographers may not like it when people take their work and edit it and then post it but i just think he could have handled the situation in a different way!!

Guns For Hands + Colours

twenty one pilots: Down On The Farm [x]