my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies


Saturday - Fall Out Boy

I’m good to go for something golden


"So much couch available, and Josh is sitting right next to me"



"Are we datin’? Are we fuckin’?

Are we best friends? Are we something, in between that?

I wish we never fucked and I mean that.

But not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fuckin’ awesome.”


Back when you were prom-age, who was the celebrity crush at the time that you would have asked to prom?


We’re twenty one pilots and so are you.



I asked the boys if they wanted to do it TMNT style, they all pounced on the idea and quickly grabbed their favorites. Patrick told me that he thought it was really original and the whole band really enjoyed doing it.

I was hoping you were on tumblr! I really wanted to story for this one. One of my faves!


Call It What You Want - Foster The People

kaneckii: what are ur thoughts on the lyrics "we must all agree, there's a point in life when darkness breaks our brittle hopes and dreams and id it must be tonight" idk i just feel like talking about no phun intended and i would love to hear ur input

aaah ok yES i love talking about no phun intended so you’ve come to the right person!!! just like a disclaimer idk if this is what tyler intended to be the meaning that’s taken away from the song but this is just how i interpreted it!! 

ok so i’m going to talk about the part right before it first because that relates to the line you’re asking about!! so the part "the old man sits all by himself and thinks of better years when he used to believe in stars and would dream away his fears" is showing how negativity has consumed this mane and it’s gotten to the point where he no longer believes in his dreams and he is no longer hopeful but instead he just spends time thinking about those good moments when things were better bc the negativity in his life is keeping him from being optimistic and having a good life like he used to have and then the next part "the young boy moves so fast he doesn’t see the stars above and all his dreams are crushed by an old man who didn’t dream enough" contrasts the old man and is showing how the young boy has so much potential and starts out so optimistic about his life and his dreams but bc he is being surrounded by negativity he is starting to lose hope in himself and his own dreams but then the line you’re referring to "we must all agree, there’s a point in life when darkness breaks our brittle hopes and dreams and it must be tonight" is showing how everyone at some point in their life reaches a point where they think that there is no point in pursuing their dreams and that they have nothing to be hopeful for but i think that there is a significance i having the two contrasting verses of the old man and young boy right before that line bc to me it shows that letting negativity into your life can lead you to become less hopeful and it shows how harmful that can be to a person and it’s showing that you want to strive to be like the young boy who is hopeful and ambitious and is so optimistic about his dreams and believe in yourself and know that your dreams can come true but that you need to not surround yourself with negativity bc that can lead you to start to doubt yourself and your dreams (i think the line in the end "save me tonight" shows this desire to be saved from being consumed by the negativity and to be able to return to a state where you felt hopeful about your life)




the pantaloon // twenty one pilots cover

its a pretty messy beginning because i recorded this pretty quickly and i have a bad throat so yeah enjoy

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