so let it rain on me // you see my heart’s on fire but i’ve always got cold feet // [[some mellow songs for a rainy day]]

raining in paris // the maine ☁ hudson // vampire weekend ☁ please don’t tell my lover // empires ☁ title and registration // death cab for cutie ☁ coffee // arkells  the way you make me feel // mcfly ☁ piledriver waltz // arctic monkeys ☁ kitchen sink // twenty one pilots ☁ soco amaretto lime // brand new ☁ unravel // something corporate ☁ for me this is heaven // jimmy eat world ☁ bleed into your mind // all-american rejects ☁  W.D.Y.W.F.M? // the neighbourhood ☁ mind mischief // tame impala ☁ whistle for the choir // the fratellis ☁ pressure // the 1975 ☁ a mess to be made // the format ☁ how it ended // the drums

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I finally finished


Anastasia Strij


Døuble sided•|•
[Hømetown 9/5/14]


you could say i had a good night

I’m a leading man, and the lies I weave are oh, so intricate, oh so intricate.


I’ll point you to the mirror.

The Office RewatchThe Alliance (1.04)


i would sit on my fuckin desktop computer and watch all these fuckin videos for hours and hours 

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